Family Photography in New York City with Diego Molina Photography

It can be tough to get young children to pay attention, or keep from crying during a family photo session, but Diego Molina Photography has the years of experience to make you and your young ones smile.


With a refreshing style developed through a lifelong passion for design, architecture, and fashion, Diego Molina has established himself as one of the best portrait photographers in New York and northern New Jersey. He specializes in celebrity family portraits, with a unique lifestyle approach to newborn, maternity, and baby pictures.

Family photography requires inventiveness; it’s so much more than just saying “cheese.” Diego Molina knows that fake smiles don’t cut it. It’s important to make sure children, and their parents, are as relaxed as possible because when people are relaxed and having fun, they smile naturally. It’s also important for parents to encourage their children to have fun during a photo session. If the kids don’t want to sit down and smile, let them run around for a while to blow off some steam.

Diego Molina Photography also knows how important it is to compliment children while taking photos, especially younger ones who may have never experienced a family photo session before. Reinforce good behavior and make the children feel special about doing such a wonderful job. It can make the difference between an okay photo and an excellent one.

With years of experience and a natural flair for creating stunning work, Diego Molina can capture any moment perfectly—whether that be intimate wedding photographs or heartwarming family portraits. Diego Molina Photography will produce beautiful images you will treasure for a lifetime.

Let Diego Molina Photography NYC luxury family photographer capture your next portrait moment. Visit his website to view his portfolio and pricing, or call (201) 838-1687 now to schedule an appointment today.